Always Love You

Even given the chance to re-do it,


Why do I still choose you?


Chapter I: Slowly

Chapter II: Lucky to have him

Chapter III: Ryosuke

Chapter IX: Across Time

Chapter V: Captivated

Chapter V: Captivated


“You look amazing,” Ryosuke said politely as Serene walked out of her apartment building and up to him.

Her walk was so quick yet that didn’t take away the grace that she carried in each step. Her simple black strapless dress molded her figure on top and flowed freely past her waist. It seemed she didn’t bother doing anything special with her hair either as it was up in a top knot held by a gleaming black chopstick.

“How ready are you?” Serene asked instead with a small smile.

“Don’t expect me to be anything but a decoration for you to put your arm through.” Ryosuke admitted with a smile as he opened his car door for her.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my job?” Serene asked as she stepped inside the car. She waited for him to go around and enter the car before she continued probing the reason for his impromptu invitation.

As far as Serene knew, Ryosuke never once from the first time they met till now initiated any flirtations or interest in her.  She had always been the one to subtly hint her feelings for him and for that her friends teased her mercilessly about being too upfront which causes her not to be lady-like.

“I didn’t get to my position being lady-like,”

She had brazenly said that at the moment to them but to her, she had been waiting for something more.

“And they say girls don’t get friend-zoned…” Serene muttered under her breath.

“What was that?”

Serene snapped back to reality when his voice penetrated her thoughts. She smiled as she glanced at his side profile while he drove comfortably beside her.

“Nothing,” Serene said. “Just wondering why someone who was born with a golden spoon cannot entertain his partner with even a dance.”

“That’s because I was born with no rhythm.” Ryosuke said shamelessly. “I do not do business on the dance floor like in the office.”

Serene laughed and stared outside at the passing scenery. Little did she know her peal of laughter stirred a warm stare from Ryosuke to her for a second before he turned back to concentrate on the road.

Serene didn’t know what else to say. Though her friend Lily had warned her continuously to patiently wait for a sign from Ryosuke tonight, she couldn’t. It wasn’t in her nature to hold back and continue to sit idly waiting without knowing.

In one fluid movement, she turned her head around and studied his look. “Ryosuke…”

“Hm?” He answered though he didn’t turn towards her.

“Is there someone you have your heart set on?” Serene asked before she lost her nerve.

“Not at the moment,” Ryosuke answered easily, He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding though. It was as Hiroya had said to him. Serene was definitely seeing him in a prospective boyfriend despite how he had tried to distance himself from being seen as that. Nonetheless he justified his easy answer being from the sole fact that he was truthfully not interested at the moment in any one girl.

“I see,” Serene said with a smile and waited for the car to pull to a stop in front of the venue. A valet came rushing up for the keys from Ryosuke and she obediently waited to be treated like a “princess” as lily put it. The door opened and she stepped out but stopped short when she realized the car side view mirror showed the state of her hair.

“Something wrong?” Ryosuke asked still with his arm out. It had been the first to offer his arm only to have it hovering with no response from his partner.

“Yes,” Serene said turning mirth-filled eyes towards him. “Why didn’t you tell me my hair was a mess?”

Ryosuke opened his mouth to reply but couldn’t think of a single response. Would it be too truthful if he told her he thought that was the styled fashion she decided on?

Serene sighed and pulled the chopstick out and left it in the side of his car door. Her hair flowed in waves down her head and down her back in wonderful wavy tresses. She pushed a hand through her hair and thought to hell with it. She grasped his arm with one hand and the other gripped her wristlet. She glanced up and met his stunned gaze with a look of confusion.

Was something else wrong on her?

She had no idea. No idea that he captivated by her in that second, captivated by the beauty he saw right in front of him.

“Hey…” Serene started but he had already shook himself out of his stupor.

“No,” Ryosuke confirmed. “Maybe you can teach me a few steps on the dance floor so I don’t bore you to death tonight.”

Serene smiled up at him and her eyes crinkled slightly in happiness. “Okay.”

She was captivated by that slight smile on his lips. She wasn’t sure why, but she wanted to give her all in pursuing him. There wasn’t time to leave regrets.

Chapter IV: Across Time



Ren sat down on his sofa and leaned into the cushion. He closed his eyes with a sigh and as always she filled his thoughts. Her figure was never too far from his mind. Her smile ever present, her eyes that softened when they connected to his, and those arms that reached for him…

“I don’t wish for another life with you.”

Ren’s eyes snapped open before those painful words could hit him fully. The room was dark. It seemed hours had already passed since he first sat till now.

Sometimes he lost track of all the time he had been here and other times he forgot all together of the place he came from.

The only reminder he had was the plain ring he wore and the pendant that allowed him here.


‘If you risk your life for her, will she really care for you?’


He didn’t know… but he wanted to believe that there was no one for her but him and there would be no one like her for him.

A painful smirk made its way across his face as he stared at the ceiling.

From then till now, only she could bring such unbearable pain and happiness to him. The question now was if she’d believe him if he told her that he had chased her across time despite everything he had.

When she had placed her promise to never see him again he had counter-acted it with a promise that he’d never let her go. So until the day when he let her go, they would forever be together.

His finger brushed the jade pendant on the necklace he wore. It was something his mother had given him embedded with an ancient seal. She had told him that there was enough energy in it to grant one chance but the price also had to be paid by the caster.

If she hadn’t warned him, he wondered if he would’ve just cast her to his side and be done with this.

‘I will fight for you to only look at me.’ Ren promised silently. This time, only she will be his priority.











Chapter III: Ryosuke


Serene waved lightly at Ren once more through the glass as she made her way away from the coffee shop. With a slight sigh she headed back across the street and down the block to the office she worked at.

She was a manager of the Human Resource department…. Hence the workload that never seemed to disappear from her side.

“Hi Serene,”

She nodded in greeting to the receptionist and continued on her way.

And there he was.

Her Boss was his best friend so he came by every now and then. All the girls liked him. Just like Ren, what wasn’t there to like about him?

He was well-mannered, rich, driven and though he rarely spoke to anyone he didn’t know; his quiet manner was thought of as a mystery every girl wanted to solve.


“Greetings to shachou and Ryosuke-san,” Serene said greeting both politely.

Serene wasn’t one to shy away from her goals hence her high position. Goals also included Minamoto Ryosuke as well.

“Arata-san,” Ryosuke greeted with a polite smile.

“I believe we should be on closer terms that Ryosuke-san,” Serene teased with a smile.

“You’ll never live down that drunken night,” Hiroya chuckled out as he raised a hand to cover the spreading smile on his face.

Ryosuke merely attempted a smile and gave up immediately.

“There is a mandatory party tomorrow night,” Ryosuke said looking at Serene. “I suppose I’ll see you both there?”

“Naturally,” Hiroya said easily while Serene nodded.

And that was probably what Ryosuke liked about Serene.

She was quick-witted and honest. There hadn’t been such a women in his life in such a long time. Especially one who was accomplished and pretty like her. She was a very good acquaintance.

He stuffed his hand into his pocket and a flash crossed Serene’s eyes at the change. He was a bit nervous and she had no idea why.

“The problem is that there is a plus one Serene,” Hiroya said edging to the problem.

“I was wondering if you had someone to attend with,” Ryosuke said quite straightforwardly.

“I do not,” Serene admitted with a soft smile. “But if you’re asking I wouldn’t have another answer but of course for you.”

“You might as well marry her,” Hiroya said with grin.

They had been flirting for the last few months and in Hiroya’s opinion, they might as well date. Nonetheless that hasn’t happened because Ryosuke never seemed interested enough to ask and Serene didn’t seem inclined to push for it.

“Tomorrow, your place then?” Ryosuke asked glancing at his watch before looking back up to meet her eyes.

Serene nodded and slowly raised a brow before asking. “You do remember how to get there despite the last time you were there was because you had passed out right?”

“Rest assured that I know,” Ryosuke said with a bemused look. She wasn’t going to let him live down that night and he was never going to forget it so might as well own it.


Chapter II: Lucky to have him



Serene smiled as she slid her chair back gracefully and stood when he neared.

There was something about Ren that attracted her to him. It wasn’t just that he was vastly good-looking and naturally carried a majestic aura though. It probably was the fact that he treated her almost preciously. She liked the way he never forced her for anything like other men tended to do. He patiently listened and seemed genuinely interested in her.

To be completely honest, Serene was very attracted to him physically. Who wouldn’t be?

He was the very definition of tall, dark, and handsome as could be. Though his smiles were rare, it was mesmerizing and his eyes always looked deep into hers. If Ren told her he was the demon sent to tempt her soul to hell she’d believe him in a heartbeat. That was how dangerously handsome and attractive her was.

“Hi,” Serene said opening her arms to envelop him into her arms for a quick hug.

He didn’t respond but that soft smile that played on his lips in that second was enough.

Serene was sure without a doubt that if she didn’t have someone she was attempting to capture already, he’d be the one.

“You got my text?” Ren asked taking a seat opposite of her. He gave her outfit a quick glance and approved of her style. He enjoyed the tight-fitted white sweater and soft pleated black skirt that emphasized her tiny waist.

He thought he was pretty quick about it but she caught him. A smile spread across her lips as she subjected him to the same. Quickly also approving of his loose fitted tee under the beige fitted trench coat complete with black jeans.

“Like?” He asked with an amused tone.

“Like” Serene agreed.

She was lucky to have such a good friend in her life.

“Coffee break between work?” Ren asked looking at her papers that was neatly stacked on the table.

Serene nodded as she reached for them and stuffed them back into her professional handbag.

He watched with softened eyes.

How much he loved looking at her.


Chapter I: Slowly

Ren knew it was her the moment he saw her.

Her bright eyes gave it all away. If nothing else resembled her it was those eyes that drew him endlessly to her side.

She was beautiful and perfect to him. The way she gently pushed her raven black hair behind her ear unconsciously to the way her brows crinkled slightly when her lips pouted at whatever she was reading on that computer screen.

He couldn’t really describe it but he loved her no matter how she looked now.

So he continued to stare at her through the glass of the coffee shop instead of venturing inside to her side. Always, he felt as if he only had time to observe her and not fully appreciate her.

‘My love…. When will your soul recognize me?’

But he knew better.


‘If we ever cross paths again, please pretend you didn’t see me because I won’t wish to remember you.”


Pain shot through his heart suddenly as his brows knitted in remembrance. Ren clenched his hand into a fist to suppress the overwhelming pain.

He couldn’t give up. He had to prove her wrong; he had to prove he could give everything for love too.


His eyes refocused in front of him and saw those bright dark eyes staring at him from the other side of the glass. A smile hung on her lips as she indicated for him to come inside with a quick gesture.

He returned the smile with one of his own and turned towards the door to enter. He pulled it open resolutely and without paying any attention to the stares he received from anyone else, he approached her and embraced the warmth that seemed to radiate off her aura.

Slowly… he’d have to slowly approach and win.

Prologue: Meeting him



Her fingertips skimmed the top of the water as her boredom continued to plague her night as usual. The girl who had accompanied her here was standing within the pavilion. She yawned loudly before moving forward mumbling an incoherent line about leaving her to her bath and departed without another look at the girl who continued to sit upon the pavilion step in the middle of the lake. Her legs swished impatiently against the water current back and forth as she silently watched the ripples she created not even taking note of her attendant leaving her side.

Her mind was in turmoil.

Was she truly meant to live her life like this? Shielded from everything for eternity? Fearing something she had never even seen?

Her red, ruby eyes raised and scanned the area before she let out a pent-up sigh.

The scenery never changed. The lake was dark and quiet as usual save for the pale moonlight that always streamed in through the cover of the tall trees that surrounded the whole lake densely. It only reflected the moon, hence the name Moonlight Lake. Every day was the same here, never any different.

She pulled her robe open and stepped into the chilled water she was used to when she felt the change in the tide. The flowers bloomed rapidly as the moon’s brilliance shone brighter through the trees. An alertness rose in her as her eyes caught a form rise from the depths of the lake in front of her.

She watched the form become a man before he opened his eyes. Dark blue eyes stared at her through the light from the moon as water dripped down his body. He didn’t exude of danger or suspicion at all as he nonchalantly pushed his dark wet hair back with one hand wordlessly.


They say you can’t see through water though it’s clear…


It’s true.


The first time I met him, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking of or what he was doing in my lake;


All I knew was that my flowers bloomed so quickly all around me with his emergence.


They stared at each other. One nude, the other halfway. She pulled her robe close once she remembered her own state after dropping her gaze once and seeing his naked chest. Still, she refused to drop her gaze so much as an inch after it centred on his eyes again. She was used to getting her way here and this wasn’t something she was going to back down out of. She waited for him to either say something or look away as it was appropriate for someone beneath her to do. He did neither…his blue eyes didn’t drop either.

So they were at a standpoint where one refused to give way to another and because of that, both refused to be the first to communicate a way out of this.

“Who are you?”

She gave in first. Her curiosity won over her pride.

A World of Mine

A/N: This is an original fic and  something I’ve just played with for a while in-between writing fanfic.

Summary: In a world where people lived in fear of the gods going to war, one girl’s wish to see more than her residence will result in the beginning of a life-changing journey for not only herself but the world she lives in.

Prologue: Meeting him

Ch 1: The Alliance

Ch2: Beyond these walls


[A,B, & C Scene]

As much as she hated to label them as that; it was that.

She was A. She was the wallflower who didn’t stand out too much in any way. She scored well but not brilliantly, she was pretty but not beautiful, and she had friends but wasn’t vastly popular either. She was just Misa.

                B was Takahashi Ren. He was Mr. Popular despite the disposition of grumpiness he displayed the majority of the time. He was talented physically and mentally and yet they were friends.

                C was Shigarashi Saki. She was beautiful and popular, a bit blunt, stubborn, yet sweet. She was just the right amount of everything for all the boys to love her.

                So how was it that they were A, B and C?

Well, they all lived on the same block; were the same age, attended the same school and had the same classes. They all helped one another out and initially benefited each other as Saki liked to say.

There was only one fact that Misa didn’t have that they both did. They both dated regularly and she didn’t…because no one she liked ever asked.

THAT was probably because for the last three years she had been crushing on Ren who was always dating someone else.  She should’ve told Saki but Saki had been busy with her own love life and really, Misa knew better than to confide in Saki since she was the type to just say it so it would be over with.

So how else could she refer the problem to as A, B. & C when Saki casually mentioned one night that she was dating Ren now?


Memorable Lines

147_zps93db6f24“Everyone is the main character in their own individual story”- Asu

“Reached out for you, missed you by a moment.”- Asu

“I know I shouldn’t say I love you now, but I don’t have the strength to lie even at this time.”- Asu

“Whenever I try to forget you, I end up loving you even more.”- Ai Otsuka

“It doesn’t matter how imperfect you are, I can’t help but love you.” – Ai Otsuka

“‘I can’t forget you’, That’s a lie. The truth is I don’t want to forget.”- THSK

“I don’t want to know, what it’s like to lose you. The heart may tire and break but my heart fears regret the most”- Chen Wei

“But in this moment, I want you to stay.”- Big Bang

“You were never mine to begin with.” – David Choi

“I didn’t mean to fall in love with you.”- BBmak

“Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be so hard. I’m going back to the start.” – Coldplay

“If I say goodbye,for sure you will forget about me.” -One Ok Rock